Mission | International Federation of BPW, Taiwan


Aims of BPW- Taiwan

  1. To promote gender equality.
  2. To create a platform for distinguished business and professional women to exchange and cooperate.
  3. To enhance women’s professional capabilities and global vision.
  4. To empower women in all walks of field.
  5. To encourage women’s participation and attention on national developments and international affairs.


Aims of BPW-International

  1. To organize business and professional women in all parts of the world to use their combined abilities and strengths for the attainment of the following objectives in line with gender sensitive perspectives and fundamental human rights.

i) to work for:

a) equal opportunities and status for women in the economic, civil and political life in all countries.

  b) the removal of discrimination.

ii) to encourage women and girls to:

  a) acquire education, occupational training and advanced education.

  b) use their occupational capacities and intelligence for the advantage of others as well as themselves.

iii)to improve the position of women in business, trade and the professions, and in the economic life of their countries.

iv) to stimulate and encourage in women a realization and acceptance of their responsibilities to the community, locally, nationally and internationally.

v) to work for high standards of service in business and the professions.

vi) to promote world-wide friendship, cooperation and understanding between business and professional women.

vii) to undertake projects, philanthropic in nature not for profit, that meet the earlier objectives and help women to become economically independent.

2.   To collect and present the views of business and professional women to world organizations and agencies.