History of BPW Taiwan Federation | International Federation of BPW, Taiwan

History of BPW Taiwan Federation

BPW Taipei I, the first BPW city club in Taiwan,was founded in 1973. Lu Hsiu-lien Annette was instrumental in the founding of that club. Lu was a young scholar who just came back from her studying in the USA about 2 years ago. She devoted most of her leisure time promoting women’s human rights and campaigning for women’s causes. She recognized early on the importance for Taiwanese women to connect
with the outer world, especially international women NGOs, thus she encouraged and helped organize the first BPW club in Taiwan. Although a founding member, Lu soon left BPW Taipei to pursue her other missions. In 2007, she was invited by her high school classmate Sue Lu, who was the president of BPW Taipei (2007 to 2009), to attend the club’s general assembly as a keynote speaker. Lu was surprised to find
that BPW Taipei Club was still active. She decided to form more clubs. Taipei 2, Taoyuan and Taichung clubs were founded within couple of months, and soon Kaohsiung county and Kaohsiung city joined in. Thanks
to Lu’s effort, BPW Taiwan federation was officially recognized by the international headquarters on May 29, 2008 as the 82th federation and Lu was elected as the first president.

* Activities of BPW-Taiwan:
In the end of 2007, International President Dr. Chonchanok Viravan visits Taiwan and encourages Taiwan to establish a BPW National Federation in Taiwan.

[ 2008 ]
2008.10.12: IFBPW UN representative- Ms. Eva Richter visits Taiwan and shares her UN experience in “UN and Women” Symposium.

2008.10.24-28: BPW-Taiwan delegation participates in the 26th IFBPW International Congress held in Mexico City, Mexico.

2008.12.13: BPW-Taiwan holds its first General Assembly in Taichung.

2008.12.13: Meeting on “Interaction and Cooperation among Asian Women” in Taichung.

[ 2009 ]
2009.03.07: International Women’s Day Conference on “How Can Women Help Taiwan’s Economy Recovery”.

2009.06.30: Lunch meeting with International President Elizabeth Benham in the UN Building, New York.

2009.08.03:Taiwan delegates attend APEC/DEW in Singapore.

2009.10.26-29: Visits BPW-Thailand and Thai Women’s Prison.

2009.11.13: Second General Assembly is held in Taoyuan. With more than 200 participants.

2010.02.25-26: President Lu, Secretary-General Lanny Chen and Prof. Joanne J.L. Chang participate in International President’s Meeting in New York.

2010.02.27-03.12: Taiwan delegates attend the 54th UN-CSW and NGO-CSW meeting in New York.

2010.05.20-23: Vice-President of BPW-Taiwan- Dr. Show-chung FuChang attends “2010 Global Summit of Women” in Beijing.

2010.05.25: International President Benham and Vice-President Freda visit Taiwan attend “Women’s Power and Women’s Property” forum and the first candle-lighting ceremony of BPW-Taiwan.

2010.10.15-18: Taiwan delegation led by Dr. Fu-mei Chang participates in BPW Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Singapore.

2010.10.25-26: President Lu is invited to deliver a keynote speech for the Second Congress of “Women of the World Leading the Millennium”, her 30-min. speech brings inspiration to the audience.

[ 2011 ]
2011.02.20-03.04: Vice-President Mei-nu Yu and convener of Public Relations and International Affairs’ Committee- Ms. Shirley Chang participate in the “Annual Leader’s Summit” in New York.

2011.03.06: Celebration of 100th Anniversary of Women’s Day: “The Rise of Taiwan women: Asia Number one, World No. 4” Carnival.

2011.04.15: BPW-Kaohsiung City club officially signs twinning program with Jeju club in Jeju, S. Korea.

2011.06.16-06.25: President of BPW- Taiwan, Lu Hsiu-lien leads a group of 21 delegates to Helsinki to attend the 27th IFBPW International Congress. President Lu Hsiu-lien is awarded the “Second Power to Make a Difference Award- Excellent Professional Leader’s Award” during the Gala dinner on June 20; in addition, BPW-Taiwan is also awardee of “Member 1+1 award” which make BPW-Taiwan the most fast-growing national federation of IFBPW within two years.

2011.07.29 :Okura Hotel in Tokyo: President of BPW- Taiwan, Lu Hsiu-lien meets with Vice-president of BPW- Japan and President of Tokyo, to exchange the opinion and discuss the reconstruction of 311 massive nuclear accident occurred in Fukushima.

2011.09.27-29: A delegation leading by Ms. Ya-Hui Lu ,member of the Taoyuan Club attend 2011 WOMEN VENDORS EXHIBITION AND FORUM in Chungking, China.

2011.11.26-27: 2011 General Assembly of BPW-Taiwan hold in Leo Ocean Resort, Yilan County. Ms. Freda Miriklis, President of IFBPW/ Ms. Susan Jones, IFBPW Asia- Pacific Regional Coordinator/ Ms. Toshimi Matsubara, President of BPW-Japan/ Ms. Masako Hiramatsu, Chair of BPW-Japan International Affairs/ Ms. Ng Hong, President of BPW Singapore and Ms. Joanne Kamu are invited to attend.

IFBPW Asia- Pacific Regional Coordinator Ms. Susan Jones announces to the General Assembly that BPW-Taiwan has won the competition to host the 2012 BPW Asia-Pacific Regional Conference!

[ 2012 ]

2012.02.27-03.09: Ms. Han-Jung Lin, President of Taipei Tenyuan Club and Ms. Fang-wan Yang, member of Taipei II Club attend UN-CSW56& IFBPW 4th Annual Leader’s Summit in New York.
During IFBPW 4th Annual Leader’s Summit Ms. Freda Miriklis, President of IFBPW announce Ms. Han-Jung Lin as Chair of IFBPW Philanthropic Taskforces.

2012.03.23-27: Twinning: Ms. Lu Hsiu-lien Annette, President of BPW Taiwan leading a BPW-Taiwan delegation to visit BPW-Jeju .

2012.04.14&04.28: BPW-Taiwan especially hold “Women Leading Program” in Taoyuan and Taichung to help members to learn the matters pertaining to the management of and participation in the upcoming “BPW Asia-Pacific Regional Conference”.

2012.06.05-10: Ms. Lu Hsiu-lien Annette, President of BPW Taiwan leading a BPW-Taiwan delegation to Kagoshima, Kyoto, and Osaka and attend BPW-Japan General Assembly at Osaka.

2012.07.01: Kaohsiung II Club is founded.

2012.10.06-07: 2012 General Assembly of BPW-Taiwan hold in Taichung City and elect Ms. Mei-nu Yu, Legislator of R.O.C as President of BPW-Taiwan.

2012.12.01-03: BPW-Taiwan host BPW Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Taipei Grand Hotel.

[ 2013 ]
2013.04.06-11: Twinning: Taipei II Club visit Kyoto Club of BPW Japan

2013.06.27: Ms. Meg Jones, ITC women and business program manager and Ms. Freda Miriklis, IFBPW President are in Taipei to attend 2013 APEC Conference on Innovation and ITC in Women Business and Ms. Freda Miriklis make a presentation. BPW-Taiwan also invites Ms. Meg Jones to make a presentation on how ITC program works to our members.

2013.07.20-21, 10.12, 11.16: BPW-Taiwan conducting a “Personal Empowerment Program” Camp I,II,III

2013.10.19-22: BPW-Taiwan co-sponsored the “International Forum on Marine Peace and Sustainability”with Democratic Pacific Union, National Taiwan Ocean University, National Sun Yat-sen University at Keelung City.

2013.11.01-03:Twinning: Incheon Club visit Kaohsiung II Club.

2013.11.05-08: Twinning: Taipei Tenyuan Club go to Korea to visit Seoul Club.

2013.12.07-08: 2013 General Assembly of BPW-Taiwan hold in Kaohsiung City.

[ 2014 ]
2014.03.07-21: Ms. Hui-Ju Pan and Ms. Yu-Wen Ting , Board of Directors of BPW-Taiwan attend the UN-CSW58 and IFBPW 6th Annual Leader’s Summit in New York.

2014.04.13: BPW-Taiwan “ Personal Empowerment Program: Train-the-Trainer”
Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank founder and Ms. Lu Hsiu-lien Annette, BPW-Taiwan Founding President conducting a dialogue during a forum in Taipei.

2014.05.23-27: 28th IFBPW International Congress hold in Jeju, Korea.
*Ms. Mei-nu Yu, President of BPW-Taiwan was the national flag bearer in Opening Ceremony
*Ms. Lu Hsiu-lien Annette, BPW-Taiwan Founding President is an invited keynote speaker.
*BPW-Taiwan member, Yi-Ying Lin has won 2014 BPW Power to Make a Difference- Excellent Young Leaders Award.

2014.08.02: BPW-Taiwan and Kaohsiung II Club sponsor a “Leading Women’s Charity Exhibition” in Kaohsiung City and donate full earning from the exhibition to underprivileged group and gas explosions victims.

2014.09.21:Dr. Amany.Asfour, IFBPW Vice-President/ Dr. Hissah Saad A.AI-Sabah,President of BPW-Kuwait and President of BPW-Bahrain visit BPW-Taiwan.

2014.10.27-29: BPW- Taiwan co-sponsor “International Forum on Women’s Innovative Economy Development”& “2014 APEC Conference: Utilizing ICTs to Empower Women Entrepreneurs”

2014.11.21: BPW- Taiwan co-sponsor “5 Pillars on APEC Women Issues”

2014.12.06-07: 2014 General Assembly of BPW-Taiwan hold in Taipei City.

[ 2015 ]
2015.02.22-24: Ms. Han-Jung Lin,Standing Director of BPW-Taiwan attended BPW South Asia Sub-Regional Meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal

2015.03.06-09: Ming-Ming Chao, Vice President of BPW-Taiwan/ Ms. Han-Jung Lin, Standing Director of BPW-Taiwan and BPW-Taiwan sisters attended UN -CSW59 & 2015 IFBPW Leadership Summit in New York, U.S.A

2015.03.06: 2015 Women’s Innovative Economy Development Forum

2015.03.15: The Establishment of a New Club: Tainan Club (The Seventh Club of BPW-Taiwan)

2015.04.07: President Lu Hsiu-lien Annette, Vice-President Hui-Ju Pan and BPW-Taiwan sisters visited BPW-Brazil, São Paulo club

2015.04.18: Civil Society National Security Conference

2015.04.27: Executive Secretary of IFBPW Dr. Catherine Bosshart-Pfluger visited BPW-Taiwan

2015.05.03: BPW-Taiwan sisters had lunch with President of IFBPW 2011-2014 Ms. Freda Miriklis

2015.05.23: The Establishment of a New Club: Pingtung Club(The Eighth Club of BPW-Taiwan)

2015.07.18: Social Enterprise Symposium

2015.08.29: CEO Decision by Computer Camp

2015.10.09-11: Standing Director Ms. Han-Jung Lin and BPW-Taiwan sisters attend BPW East Asia Sub-Regional Meeting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia